What’s changing in the world of Facilities Management?

Entering into an entirely new world, blurring the physical and digital boundaries, the DFM 2022 conference is here!

Meet and hear the experts discussing how the latest FM technology is rapidly evolving and influencing the way one imagines, plans, develops, uses, and manages facilities.

The DigiFM Conference, organized by VIS group, aims to demonstrate the advantages of effective Innovation & Integrated Digital Delivery Management, Digital Disruptors, Impact of the IoT, and Integrated Development Projects, besides prominent topics and trends in DigiFM.

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Smart Building/ Smart Workplace Sensors & monitoring we have subject matter Experts from the corporate, real estate, service sectors and many more as our esteemed Speaker pool.

So, make sure you stay ahead of the game by sensing new possibilities, innovations and defining your strategic journey on the digital frontier. What More! Network with more than 250 FM heads of leading companies and FM companies at the DigiFM conference.

Why Participate
• Connect the industry to the digital innovation and technology
• Connect with the industry leaders spreading awareness on Digital FM
• Network with more than 250 FM heads of leading companies and FM companies
• Be among the first in making this much-sought-after platform of Digital Facility Management

Who is attending
Senior Management (CEO, COO, MD, GM, Head of Departments – Operation, Security, Human Resource)
  • • Assets Managers
  • • Building Managers
  • • Engineers
  • • Software companies
  • • Technology solution providers (IT)
  • • FM, Hospitality, Travel & Software related companies
  • • Estate Agents
  • • Facility & Property Managers
  • • Facilities Management
  • • Fire Safety Managers
  • • Information Technology Managers
  • • MCST Managers
  • • M&E Managers
  • • Project Managers
  • • REITs Managers

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Sponsors & Registration Details

Tulsi Khandelwal

T: +022 6120 4123
M: +91 98928 62274
Email: tulsi@visgroup.in

Shubha Acharya

T: +022 6120 4124
M: +91 93211 28400
Email: shubha@visgroup.in